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With over 240 million inhabitants, Pakistan offers its investors a strong and large consumer market with an ever expanding middle class. Strategic location at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia and close proximity to the Gulf countries, makes Pakistan a promising regional hub and an important market for intra and inter-regional trade and investment. Pakistan as an investment destination, offers investor friendly policies with the commitment to resolve and enhance the business competitiveness in the region. Almost all sectors of economy are open to investment with attractive incentives and liberal policies to give investors a competitive and thriving business environment. Pakistan has an edge over all its regional competitors. The country offers equal opportunities to foreign and local investors. As an emerging economy, Pakistan offers the opportunity of diversification to global players with strong intention to structural reforms in various sectors of the economy. Pakistan presents vast investment opportunities with lucrative returns to investors. The Government, as a policy leader, has significant role of facilitating entrepreneurs to enhance ease of doing business. We have mandated the SIFC to serve as a facilitator to investors. The SIFC combine all stakeholders at a single platform. Federal Ministries, Provincial and local governments are integrated in the forum with backup from Pakistan Army. It is truly a single window and I am sure that there will be facilitation to the investors at the highest level of the Government as well. I strongly believe that this is the right time to invest in Pakistan - don't miss the opportunity.

Chief of the Army Staff

Our country is generously bestowed by Allah Almighty with abundant resources and a nation with zeal, talent and resilience. Together, we have always stood up to myriad challenges with unwavering resolve and today’s economic woes are also scalable, provided we harness our latent potential. In a quest to rekindle the economy, Government of Pakistan launched Economic Revival Plan for attracting investments. At the heart of this endeavour stands Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), which envisions to transform our economic approach – debt-driven to investment-driven. As a 'Single Window' platform, it stands to optimize horizontal-vertical synergy, harmonise diverse stakeholders, ensure ease of doing business and help remove barriers. Under its banner, we welcome investments from brotherly and friendly countries in high-dividend sectors of Agriculture, Mining and Minerals, Information Technology and Energy. We are optimistic that SIFC will create win-win paradigm for Pakistan as well as our brotherly and friendly countries by capitalising on the comparative advantages. Pakistan Army has been at the fore front for serving the people of Pakistan and today we do not shy away from helping revive country’s economy. We believe that by adopting collaborative whole of the government approach, we can reap envisioned macro-economic as well as socio-economic dividends.

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The movement for enhanced international cooperation in education began in 1990 with the adoption of the World Declaration on Education for All (EFA) in Jomtien, Thailand, by nearly 150 governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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